Documents For Insurance In Case Of Accident

Unfortunately, accidents happen to many people and are a part of our lives.

Now there is insurance, but not everyone knows what documents for insurance in case of an accident are necessary to receive compensation for damage caused by the accident. Usually, the list of these documents is standard.


What you need to get insurance after an accident?

You need to write the address of the insurer the claim on the compensation of damage caused by the accident, to submit documents about the accident from the police; we need the documents by the claimant.

You will need an expert opinion confirming the amount of damage and repairs; they need to attach checks and receipts. In General, all your expenses should be confirmed by checks and receipts. You need to submit the original documents or copies certified by a notary. It is better to make photocopies of all documents in case of a trial.

To obtain insurance for car, you need to write an application to the insurer for compensation for damage to property and vehicle. You need a certificate of an accident from the police, if its employees were in the preparation of documents, you will also need a notice of an accident, a copy of the protocols on an administrative offense, or a definition of refusal in administrative proceedings.

Be sure to need a passport and account details to be able to transfer funds. It will be necessary to show the car or as an inspection and examination are necessary. Without it, there can be no insurance.

If the victim cannot get compensation for compulsory insurance, you can apply for compensation to the Union of motor insurers.

This is possible if the insurer, where the victim was insured, went bankrupt or lost his/her license.


To receive the compensation you need:

  1. Write a statement
  2. Submit originals and copies of all documents from the traffic police
  3. A certificate of an accident
  4. Copies of the Protocol on the administrative offense or the decision on refusal
  5. Notice of accident
  6. A copy of the policy of the culprit, if he/she has one
  7. the conclusion of technical examination along with the calculation of damages

It is also important to confirm with checks and receipts all payments made so that the funds are reimbursed. Be sure to submit your passport, driver’s license and passport for the car, as well as certificates on both sides of the registration of vehicles.

There should also be an original court decision on obligating the insurer to pay damages to the victim, instead of the original; you can submit a copy and the original writ of execution. This is a brief algorithm of actions in an accident if you act through the insurer.


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