Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Insurance

The car greatly facilitates everyday life. It is expensive; some are saving up to buy it for many years. It is not surprising why it is sought to insure all drivers. Insurance of a car allows you to compensate for the damage caused to another road user or pedestrian in the event of your fault an accident.

This is the most affordable and at the same time compulsory insurance. Read this article to the end to get acquainted with its advantages and disadvantages.



First of all, it should be noted that every car owner is obliged to insure his/her car, and car insurance is the most affordable insurance. In other words, if you compare the price of insurance and comprehensive insurance, this is the most attractive offer, dictated mainly by competition between insurance companies.

The second advantage is a discount on the extension of the same company in the absence of insurance claims for the previous period. This is a very attractive offer that allows you to save a little.



The main drawback is attributed to the fact that no one will pay you money to repair the car in case of your fault in the accident. This insurance is different from comprehensive insurance, which fully covers all the costs of repair of your and other cars in any case, whether you are guilty or another road user.

Also, in its case, you should not expect compensation for damage caused by vandals or in the case of theft of the car.



Despite minor flaws, the insurance coverage is the most affordable and popular. You choose the amount and period for which to insure your car. Taking into account the discounts for extension in case of accident-free driving, this is the most attractive solution. About the latest changes in the legislation on car insurance you can learn from the latest articles on our site.

The amount for which you are insured can reach up to 15.000 dollars or even more. Naturally, the greater the amount of insurance, the greater the cost of insurance. You can increase the amount that will be paid in the insurance case as an option.

Also, car insurance can be multi-year, that is, you will not need to pay every year a new one. If, for example, for the annual insurance for your car you have to pay 250 dollars, for a three-year pay 600 dollars.

On the face of not only saving money but also your precious time. However, when you make it you need to be careful (and in General, you should always be vigilant) always specify the amount that the victim will receive in an accident in the insurance case. It should also be increased three times as the cost, as it is designed for three years. For example, in the case of annual car insurance amount is 7.500 dollars, which means that for three years should be 22.500 dollars.


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